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Volunteer Positions


Adoption Counselor

Adoption Counselors match potential adopters with a Capitol Canine based on their preferences and needs for a pet. Most duties for this position can be done remotely. Responsibilities include: processing adoption applications, checking personal and veterinarian references, and arranging or conducting home visits.


Home visit volunteers are also needed to visit potential adopters’ homes and screen them before we allow them to adopt one of our dogs. These visits are conducted on an as-needed basis and are subject to the volunteer’s availability. Home visit instructions are provided.


Foster Assistant

Foster Assistants help place Capitol Canines in foster homes while they are waiting to get adopted by their furever families. Foster Assistants act as a point of contact for foster parents to raise any issues or concerns they have with the foster process. Additionally, Foster Assistants help coordinate our fosters’ attendance at adoption and fundraising events and trips to the vet. They are also responsible for matching foster dogs with potential foster parents based on their preferences. Last, Foster Assistants process foster applications, checking personal and veterinarian references, and contacting landlords regarding pet policies. These duties can primarily be conducted remotely.


Fundraising Team

Capitol Canines Animal Rescue is volunteer-run and, as such, depends on donations and fundraising efforts to fund its operations. The average cost of pulling a healthy dog from a shelter, vetting him/her, and transporting to DC is anywhere from $200-$300. Dogs that need more vet attention (illness, teeth cleaning, surgery complications, etc.) cost much more. Being part of CCAR's fundraising team is one of the most rewarding ways to get involved because you can actually see the difference fundraising makes in each animal's life we are able to save.


Event Leader - Identify potential events and report them to the coordinator. Determine the specifics of the event (What level of fundraising? Can we have adoptable dogs on site? Raffle or other fundraising opportunities?) and assist with the planning, promoting, and facilitating of the event. Event Assistant - Assist with promotion of the event and setting up, facilitating, and taking down the event. Duties include staffing the CCAR merchandise table, dog handling (if dogs are allowed), outreach, selling/checking tickets, etc.


Online Fundraiser - Identify potential online fundraisers CCAR can participate in. Although these tend to not generate as high of a donation margin, the ease and accessibility makes them crucial to our aggregate fundraising efforts. Many websites are willing to sell CCAR merchandise, promote CCAR, or donate a percentage of profits to CCAR. Once the specifics are determined, assist with setting up and promoting the online fundraiser.


Corporate Sponsorship Team - In addition, a great way to raise money to save more animals is to find corporate sponsors. Many companies will advertise CCAR's logo on their website or donate money toward CCAR in return for a nod to them on CCAR's website, facebook, or in newsletters. This position involves reaching out and acquiring corporate sponsors that would be willing to donate money to CCAR, hold a fundraising event (perhaps a week-long CCAR money drive on site), or advertise CCAR to clients.


Social Media Team

Members of our Social Media Team are responsible for frequently updating our social media pages so our adoptable dogs, fundraising efforts, and events will be promoted. This includes uploading pictures, videos, and other information about our adoptable dogs regularly. This also involves creating profiles for our adoptable dogs, including writing a description of their personality, training status, and back-story based on information provided by fosters.


Volunteer Outreach Team

The Volunteer Outreach Team reaches out to get more individuals involved in our volunteer program. Members process volunteer applications to match

individuals with opportunities that fulfill their preferences and answer any questions such individuals may have. The Volunteer Outreach Team is also responsible for forming partnerships with various organizations to promote volunteering with CCAR.


Rescue Process Assistant

Getting a dog from a shelter in the rural Southeast to Metro DC is a complex process that requires much coordination. Rescue Process Assistants help coordinate pulling the dog from the shelter, identifying a local foster, arranging vetting, and organizing transportation to Metro DC.


Transportation Team

The Transportation Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the process of getting our dogs to Metro DC from various places in the Southeast. This involves setting up a meeting date, place, and time for each leg of the transport and mapping out a route for the transport. The Transport Coordinator then conveys this information via email to the volunteer drivers responsible for each leg of the transport. The Transport Coordinator acts as the point of contact for our volunteer drivers and is responsible for remaining informed about the status of the transport, including whether the transport is on time and when each leg of the transport is complete. The Transport Coordinator also must ensure that all necessary paperwork is transferred during each leg of the transport. Volunteer drivers are also needed for transporting dogs from the Southeast to the Metro DC area.


Drivers are also needed locally to get our adoptable dogs to vet appointments, adoption events, and transfers to new foster homes.


Adoption Events Team

The Adoption Events Team is responsible for organizing events to promote our adoptable dogs. The Team forms partnerships with pet stores and other venues in Metro DC in order to have adoption events regularly. Additionally, the Adoption Events Team coordinates which dogs will attend by reaching out to fosters and promotes events and attendees on our social media pages and website.


Adoption Events Team volunteers are also needed to work at our merchandise table, selling our merchandise and handing out promotional flyers and business cards.


Dog Handlers are also needed at our adoption events as dog handlers that promote our dogs to potential adopters.


Photographers are wanted to take pictures of our adoptable dogs at our events so we can promote them on social media and our website.




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